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Spiderman Adult Footed Hooded Onesie Pajamas

  • $39.99

Spider Man clear appreciates the full body costume look, so you know he loves the 100% polyester Spiderman Footed Hooded Pajamas! Hey, you loved that pair of Spidey footy PJs you had when you were a wee little sprout but now we have them in unisex adult sizes! These super soft Spiderman Footed Hooded Pajamas feature the Ultimate Spiderman logo, the iconic Spider Man mask, and an image of Spiderman about to sling some web! Beyond the aesthetics, these footy PJs also have a hood, a thumb hole in the sleeve for fanciness, and a pocket on the arm for spare web cartridges or cell phones. Either or really.

  • Be the Superhero that you Are!
  • Double zipper for getting in and out easily!
  • Wear these pajamas out to the store and look amazing!
  • Soft, breathable, warm material
  • Super Comfortable and Extremely Warm

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