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Wolverine Adult Footed Hooted Onesie Pajamas

  • $39.99

Marvel's Wolverine isn't tough and gruff all of the time. Sometimes he likes to relax and watch the latest episodes of Gossip Girl while wearing this immensely soft Wolverine Blue Footed Hooded Pajamas! Wolvy always appreciated his old school costume and imagery, and he likes the Marvel logo because it reminds him of his origins. Wolverine is actually far more sentimental then people realize. The 100% polyester Wolverine Blue Footed Hooded Pajamas is a unisex footy PJ which has a hoodie for extra worth and thumb holes for keeping the ol handsy-wandsies nice and toasty. So put on your Wolverine Blue Footed Hooded Pajamas, get the popcorn ready, and let Wolverine control the TV!

  • Be the Superhero that you Are!
  • Double zipper for getting in and out easily!
  • Wear these pajamas out to the store and look amazing!
  • Soft, breathable, warm material
  • Super Comfortable and Extremely Warm

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